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Legend of Talaga Warna

Talaga Warna

Long time ago, there’s a kingdom in West Java. That country was lead by a king. Prabu, that was he called. He’ s a kind and wise king. No wonder, if the country prosperous and peacefyl. There’s no hungry residence.

Everything really enjoyful. Unfortunetely, Prabu and his wife not had child yet. That made the kingdom couple sad. Prabu Conselour suggested, so that they adopted child. But, Prabu and his wife disagree. Queen was gloomy and cried. Prabu became sad for saw his wife. Then Prabu went to the wild for asceticismed. In the wild, Prabu keep prayed, so that he’s given a child. The following month, their wish came true. The Queen pregnant. Whole people in the kingdom felt happy. They filled the kingdom with presents.

Nine months later, Queen gave birth to her daughter. Prabu and Queen really loved their daughter. Thay gave their daughter whatever she wanted. But it made her became spoiled girl. If, her wish not to be filled was angry. She even said rought. Eventough like that, her parent and people in that kingdom loved her.

The Princess grew up to be the most beautiful girl in whole country. In few days, princess would have an age 17 years old. So people in the country went to the kingdom. They brought many kind of beautiful presents. Prabu collected the presents, then kept it in kingdom hall.

Prabu took some diamonds. He brought these to a necklace maker to make the most beautiful necklace in the world , because he loved his daughter very much.

Then, the birthday came and the residence gathered at kingdom hall. Prabu rised from his chair and presented a beautiful necklace to his daughter. “The necklace is a gift from people in the whole country. They love you. They present this gift, because they happy to see you grow mature. Use this necklace, Dear.” said Prabu.

Princess received the necklace then she looked at a glance. “ I don’t want to use it. This necklace is bad !” said Princess. Then she threw the necklace. The beauty necklace also rotten. Gold and diamonds spread in the floor.

That really surprised. Nobody supposed, Princess would do that. Nobody talked. Suddenly heard Queen was crying. Her tears was being followed by whole people.

Suddenly appear tears from kingdom yard. Originally to from small pool. Then the kingdom started flood. The kingdom was also filled by water like lake.

Now, the lake called Talaga Warna. The lake to be in the top. We can see the lake full of beautiful colours and amazing. The colour come from whild shadow, plant, flowers, and sky surrounding the well. But people said, the colours came from Princess’ s necklace that spread in bottom of the well.


Legend from West Java

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